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Ties. The "Stand Out" Accessory

When it comes to men’s attire (formal or casual), a majority of the options in the past have run rather standard and plain. Regular, solid ties with standard colors has always been the leading choice for the typical male when wearing a tie. In today’s fashion-forward world, choosing an unexpected tie (among other accessories) to wear with a tuxedo or suit for a formal event; or if a more casual outfit is worn, a stand out tie that compliments a dress shirt with trousers or dark jeans have led men to taking more risks.

Ties aren’t just for matching purposes for a groomsmen group, or attempting to match a date’s dress when attending a prom, wedding, or any other social events. Ties are an accessory to stand out and individualize an outfit. Think of ties as the man version of a purse for a woman. Endless colors, designs, patterns, etc. The growing options for almost any type of tie imaginable are available to men who dare to be different and dare to be bold.

Solid and standard colors are no more with ties. Fabrics are changing, varieties are growing, and men are consistently making statements in the fashion world. Having the ability to wear a novelty themed sports tie to an award banquet or game is something that would make others jealous. Or, a teal tie with seahorses for an unexpected but incredibly fun and bright addition to an outfit, changes in the necktie world are happening. Of course, solid colors, striped ties, plaid ties, and polka-dotted ties will always be around and available; but bright colors, patterns and designs are giving men the opportunity to take a standard outfit and change it into something completely memorable.

So, the next time you decide (or have) to wear a tie, choose to be bold. Choose to stand out. Choose to make a fashion statement that turns heads and has others pleading to you for fashion advice. Our point is, is a tie really just a simple accessory? Absolutely not. A tie is the ultimate accessory.