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At we believe in providing high quality neckties at affordable prices. For more than a decade we have helped men and women find just the right neckties, bowties and neckwear accessories for weddings, job interviews and special occasions.

Our business model is based on quality, quantity and speed of delivery. In order to make sure that we always have the neckties you find on our website in stock, we order neckties in extremely large quantities (10,000 ties or more at time) from the manufacturers.

This gives us -- and you -- several advantages. First of all, we really do have our “neckties in stock.” When you order a tie from our website you are getting it directly from our warehouse in Trenton, New Jersey. That means that you get your tie faster since we do not have to order up your tie from a manufacturer who may not have it in stock. Usually we can ship your tie out within one business day of it being ordered (often the same day).

Second, since we order ties in such high quantities, that also means that we can get them at ridiculously lower prices which means we can then pass on the savings to you, while still making a profit ourselves -- a classic win-win!

We also offer discounts even beyond our low prices to organizations such as choirs and church groups or anyone who orders in quantity.

Our Commitment to Quality
We know, however, that ties are used on special occasions such as weddings, graduations and other one-time events. That is why we strive to always get the finest quality ties. No matter how low the price tag, we make sure to get you the best quality available. So regardless of whether you are getting the simplest of bowties, a Geoff Nicholson medallion tie, or a jokey novelty tie for your uncle — you can be assured that the tie will be of the highest quality.

Customer Service
We are also committed to providing the same level of quality when it comes to our customer service. So in the event you should need to contact us, you can be assured we will be ready to handle any problems or answer any concerns that you may have about your tie order.

Just give us a call.