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Skinny Ties

In the neckwear world, most of us are familiar with seeing classic neckties and bow ties when someone chooses to add a tie with their outfit. But, there is one option that is seemingly catching up to those classic neckties and bow ties. That option would be the skinny tie.

Skinny ties are (available in self-tie and pre-tie like the rest) similar to the traditional necktie that we all know and love, but with a bit of a stylish update. The skinny tie appears slimmer than the original necktie making it a trendy and versatile necktie option.

Skinny ties are especially loved by millennials and can be seen worn frequently in business casual settings, trendy wedding environments, night’s out on the town, on date nights and so much more. Frankly speaking, they’re the exact same thing as the necktie, just like its updated and stylish little brother.

Skinny ties are becoming increasingly popular due to their complimentary addition to just about any outfit and the way that they look with said outfit. For instance, a solid or striped skinny tie (color of choice) adds a touch of elegance and chicness under a suit or even with just a plain dress shirt. But, a paisley or knit skinny tie just brightens any outfit and makes for a fashionable wedding, date night, work event, etc. The ability to switch it up with the clean-cut addition of a skinny tie is a total game changer.

Just like everything else on, finding the perfect skinny tie for any wedding, office style, party, or casual dress is shopper-friendly and efficient. Using the categories section on the left-hand side of the page allows you to narrow your search by specifics like: pink skinny ties, microfiber skinny ties, satin skinny ties, gold skinny ties, etc. For someone that already has an idea or picture of what they’re looking for, this just eliminates having to click through a bunch of ties until the perfect match is finally found. For those with a little less of an idea or vision, browsing through the skinny ties section will help to give inspiration and in turn narrow the options down until a tie is successfully found.

Having a pack of skinny ties to choose from will only be beneficial and definitely make you best-dressed when worn to any event or occasion. All of our ties are not only good-quality, but are also fairly priced for the styles and fabrics they are made with! Along with those great prices, come great perks. Like no minimums on any orders, same day shipping and instantly earning free shipping by spending over $75.

So, the next time you have a special event, or just want an updated sense of fashion and style, try welcoming the skinny tie into your wardrobe. With countless options of materials, colors, patterns, designs, etc. Pairing your new skinny tie of choice with almost any outfit of choice is an absolutely win. The stylish and edgy, yet elegant and chic look of a skinny tie is sure to become your favorite new accessory and go-to for any and all occasions. Trust us on this one.