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Purple Skinny Ties

When it's time to pimp out your outfit and hit the town, nothing works better than purple skinny ties in satin. A burnished freesia or sangria colored purple skinny necktie can really help you stand out from the crowd and project confidence. At once masculine and passionate, skinny purple ties can even be worn to effect in a business setting.

And if you and your fiancee are planning your big day, purple, as a mix between cool blue and passionate red, can be just the symbolic note you want to strike. The wide range of pigments that the purple palette offers--from airy, feminine heather, freesia and wisteria to the darker more conservative sangria, lapis and amethyst--give you the flexibility to accommodate a number of matching bridesmaids' dresses (maybe even consider multi colored purple dresses?).

Purple also works well for less formal occasions, such as daytime outings. Be sure to check our knit purple skinny ties from Jacob Alexander before that semi-formal brunch with the boss or your gal's parents.