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Green Skinny Ties

Although perfectly suited for Saint Patricks Day and Earth Day, green skinny ties have now become far more than just ties for special occasions. With the expansion of men's color palettes, green skinny neck ties are much more commonplace than they once were. Our collection of satin Cardi skinny ties for men offer a wide spectrum of green shades to suit virtually any taste.

For those that would really like to stand out and make a statement, there are bright greens like lime, kelly or sage. While for those who prefer a more reserved look, the darker tones of clover, moss, holly and hunter green may feel more within their aesthetic wheelhouse. For that newly minted graduate stepping out into the world for the first time, green skinny ties are always a thoughtful gift. And for less formal occasions don't forget to check out our Jacob Alexander green knit skinny neck tie collection as well.