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Geek Ties

If your hubby is the kind of guy who likes to spend his time staring up into the sky through a telescope or your son is off at college studying English lit and you have been looking for the kind of gift that is just so him, then you may very well have found what you were searching for. These Museum Artifacts ties are the ideal Geek Ties--for lack of a better term--the kind of ties that intellectuals love because they reinforce their interests.

From the scientifically oriented Albert Einstein tie to the historically influenced Bayeux Tapestry tie (depicting the Norman Invasion of England in 1066), various intellectual interests are covered here. But the recipient doesn't need to be a geek to appreciate some of these ties. The Pirates tie and the World Globe Map ties both have an appeal beyond academic interest. So be sure to take a look over the entire Museum Artifacts selections here and across