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Bow Ties

Bow ties- debatably the classiest and most traditional of all neckwear options. Bow ties have always been the star of the show when it comes to formal events, black tie affairs, galas, etc. They are a sign of elegance and often the most appropriate form of neckwear in such environments (especially when wearing a formal tuxedo).

In today’s fashion-verse, the bow tie still stands as the top pick when it comes to a timeless tuxedo look; but, they are also getting to show what they can do in different styling circumstances. Bow ties are now becoming a part of everyday styles. They are now being worn with all different types of outfits, like: with jeans, suspenders, a collared shirt and bow tie, slacks, a dress shirt with a sweater over top and bow tie sticking out, and of course with suited and tuxedo looks from school dances to black-tie events and everything in between.

The addition of a bow tie has always stuck out and brought attention to outfits as a whole rather than just an added accessory. When someone wears a bow tie, chances are that they are indeed trying to turn heads and make a fashion statement. That’s why having an understanding of one’s individual style, needs, and likes really helps to narrow the options down to create the perfect bow tie collection.

At we understand that everyone has different preferences- yes, even when it comes to neckwear. That’s why we not only offer a vast selection of bow ties in different colors, patterns, and materials, but we make it shopper friendly by letting you narrow your search down.

To the left-hand of the browsing screen, you will find a little categories box that allows you to shrink your browsing options down by the chosen categories. This means if someone is looking for a self-tied bow tie, they are able to click that option to see all of the self-tie bow ties available for purchase. But, that’s not it! You are able to narrow your bow tie options down even further by selecting a specific color (like blue), pattern (maybe, herringbone), and even the material (such as the ever-popular satin). By doing this, whichever bow ties match your search selections will be available to see instantly.

Having a tool like this makes for a pleasant shopping experience because let’s face it, shopping can be extremely overwhelming. With so many options, questions, concerns, curiosity can get the better of us all sometimes. But, fear not. Because once our customers experience our quality bow ties, fair pricing and ease of purchase, they’re hooked! And soon, deciding between a Fuchsia Venetian Bow Tie and the Ivory Tapestry Bow Tie will be a thing of the past and the idea of a Silk Bow Tie will make the corners of your mouth turn upright.

Did we also mention that there are no minimums on purchases, same day shipping and 90-day easy returns? With something for even the trendiest and particular shoppers, it’s silly to not make your one-stop shop for all thing neckwear.