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A Tie for All Occasions

Ties, ties, ties. The glorious world of ties. Neckties, bow ties, boy’s ties, skinny ties, etc. When it comes to the wonderful world of neckties, the possibilities are endless.

Ties are an accessory that will not only never go out of style, but only keep evolving. Originally an accessory for outfits that pertain to more formal situations, such as: weddings, business meetings, black tie events, etc. But nowadays, are being seen in more every day clothing outfits and looks. Worn casually or strategically for styling purposes and accessorizing, the tie had proved that it can be in attendance for any and all occasions.

For instance, recently a lot of men in the fashion universe are showing everyday looks with an enhanced tie for a stylistic twist to the outfit. It’s not uncommon to see a man walking down the street wearing a casual printed button up, some dark washed jeans, and a colorful paisley necktie for an alternative look.  But, that’s not to say that neckties let alone bow ties are not still used for formal purposes. Because, let’s be honest here, there’s nothing quite like choosing from a different variety of colored blue bow ties for an extra spark while wearing a suit or tuxedo.

The ability to wear and style a necktie however you so choose; whether it be peeking out from under a sweater giving off a preppy vibe for the day, or a sleek bow tie added to a business casual outfit for a day of meetings or traveling; the leading accessory that is the tie will never fade away and for that we are grateful.