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Four Hollywood Men That Make Ties Look Good

Choose to read this blog at your own risk. We know that might sound a tad strange, but consider it a warning as the content and subjects of this blog have been known to cause: dizziness, swooning, and severe cooling off. So, take that as you will, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Although ties are now being worn and accessorized with more casual everyday outfits; the addition of a necktie or bow tie for more proper or ceremonial events are somewhat of a tradition when it comes to a man’s formal ensemble. Our favorite formal moments we get to witness this in action are at Hollywood events, such as the: Grammy’s, Oscars, Golden Globes, and all other red-carpet events. Most people are usually eager to see what Hollywood’s favorite starlets are wearing when they walk the carpet. Their shoes, hair, color of their dress, etc. But, what about the men on the carpet? Decked out in tuxedos or suits looking their best and feeling confident. Personally, we love seeing what these men have to wear and seeing their taste and stylistic approaches to each outfit at these events.

So, one more warning, because the men we have selected to feature are men that are not only some of the most handsome, talented and successful Hollywood male stars, but complete champions in the fashion department. These four gifted men can make anything, including the tie around their neck, look picture-perfect. 

Justin Timberlake
Triple threat, Justin Timberlake (when he made his glorious comeback) once said, “as long as I’ve got my suit and tie, I ‘ma leave it all on the floor tonight.” And we think that song is pretty accurate for Timberlake and his eclectic taste. The man can not only act and sing, but looks might fine “pressed up in black and white.” When he is performing on stage in his polished tailor-made suit with a bow tie, or with a bit of extra pizazz with the addition of a skinny tie bar, one thing is for sure that JT is just about always the most energetic and smooth men to attend an event.

Ryan Gosling
The Noah to all women’s Allie’s (in our dreams), is the one and only Ryan Gosling. Another triple threat (yes, he can sing and dance) in the industry that oozes pure talent. More on the reserved and shy side, Ryan keeps quiet when in the limelight and prefers to let his work and performances do the talking. The same goes for Ryan’s style in our opinion. When attending events, Ryan almost always keeps it classic, sharp and standard; which is one of the reasons we love him. Ryan is no fuss and no frill which comes through in all that he does.

Bradley Cooper
It’s true that there are many men out there that look good in a bow tie. But, few men look as heartwarming as Bradley Cooper. The blue-eyed, beyond charming and charismatic actor looks phenomenal in all of his formal attire; but for some reason when he puts on a tuxedo with a classic black bow tie, he looks almost regal. Bradley is one of those stars that make you feel comfortable and familiar. He naturally has a playful and flirty personality that makes it impossible to not adore him.

Ryan Reynolds 
Clever, witty, sarcastic and hysterical are just a few words we would use (apart from obvious good looks) to describe Ryan Reynolds. Like the others on this list (that is full of nothing sort of handsomeness), Ryan looks undeniably perfect and prim when it comes to putting on a suit or tux. Whether he is wearing a satin blue bow tie, or getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Ryan never ceases to impress with his dress.