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A Women's Holy Grail Accessory

Accessories and women who wear them have a special bond. Accessories are something that can be worn or used to define individual style and help fashion lovers experiment with different looks. Accessories, such as: shoes. Jewelry, purses, watches, etc. are able to enhance or transform any outfit with sometimes just one simple adjustment. Using accessories to their advantage allows women to create and design their personal outfit choices solely based on their preferences and taste.

The accessories we previously mentioned are all unique and quite important in their own way when styling an outfit, but one accessory that we left out could be the true holy grail accessory for women to own. That accessory is…a tie. Ties, and the immense amount of styles, fabrics, colors, patterns, etc. that they come in lend the opportunity for women to make an average outfit something extraordinary. Because of the versatility and options wearing a tie gives, we’d like you to imagine some of the ways adding this “holy grail” accessory to any wardrobe would be beneficial.

Keeping it classic, but chic by adding a traditional skinny black tie to an outfit with a fresh white blouse, a leather jacket draped across shoulders, and pair of black jeans with some heels turns a casual outfit into a Hollywood starlet outfit.

Having a plaid or polka dot tie on top of a buttoned-up collared shirt and peeking through the neckline of a top layered sweater achieves the perfect example of the characteristic “preppy” outfit we all love so much.

When it comes to ties, style guru’s will understand the difference in an outfit once one is added. Ties are no longer only for men, nor are they just for wearing with a suit anymore. Ties are an accessory that can not only make someone look professional, but a trend setting fashionista. At the end of this blog, we have compiled a slideshow of pictures that showcase just how transforming and stylish ties can be. Women in multiple different styles, colors, sizes and fabrics of ties that display that style and beauty is in the tie of the beholder.