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Necktie Facts & Tips You Never Knew

In formal or casual dress situations, there is one accessory that stands to the test of time…neckties.

They help to add a little color, dimension, pattern and flair to a business casual, everyday casual or formal wear outfits. Ties are something that help the individual wearing the tie not only complete the outfit, but showcase a sense of their personal style and individual taste. But, just like everything else, there are some fact about the necktie that we have learned and swear by in order to be fashion inspiration to others.

So, as the fashion lovers we are, we have taken some tie facts and tips that might not be well-known to share with our readers for ultimate necktie wearing success:

  • Purely an accessory for complimenting the outfit and highlighting features.
  • A good quality tie has a cut of a forty-five-degree angle which helps the tie to lay flat on the shirt once tied.
  • Silk ties are the most popular fabric when it comes to neckwear.
  • Most ties are estimated between 52 and 58 inches long and 3 ¼ wide.
  • When wearing a tie, the end should hang along with the belt buckle.
  • A bow tie is considered the most formal of ties.
  • When seeing if you are wearing the correct size tie, assure there is room for one finger between your shirt collar and neck.
  • When wearing a tie, it is to compliment the clothing worn with it (suit, dress shirt, collared shirt and sweater, etc.) it is meant to compliment the outfit by adding contrast and not match it.
  • When wearing a patterned suit or shirt, a solid colored tie is the suggested option.
  • When hanging ties, a tie rack is best suited to avoid wrinkles.
  • Ties are to NEVER be ironed only steamed if necessary.

These are some of our favorites that we consider to be the most important when adding a tie to an outfit.