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The Evolving Business Man's Attire

The working man’s attire is not just one specific look. There is no uniform to office style. A lot of it depends on the environment, rules the office acquires, the personal style of the individual, etc.

One thing we know for sure about the men’s business attire, is that it is evolving. It’s no longer proper and stiff suits or boring standard pieces. We’re seeing color, fabrics, and accessories. We’re seeing style coming into the office, and we’re liking it.

There are many looks that the typical businessman can wear that expresses his personal style, comfort but still looks professional. Everyone is different and gravitates towards different looks and types of clothing out of the office, so why should it be any different (company permitting) inside the office? Feeling good in what you wear helps you to feel more confident in how you present yourself, which overall sounds like an added bonus to one’s working momentum.

As mentioned, there are plenty of looks, from business casual to formal-professional that are seen worn inside offices all over. We’ve broken down some looks that we feel showcases the growth of style in the working world. Of course, these all vary depending on the business agenda, workday, environment, appointments, meetings, etc. And they can of course be made completely into something the individual sees fit for them.

“Business Casual 
The business casual look is perfect for the average professional working in a start-up or relaxed environment. The perfect business casual outfit? Dark denim, a leather belt, butt-up of choice, blazer and of course, a necktie. The additions of something like a herringbone necktie, not only helps to pull the outfit together, but adds a bit of flare to the outfit. Staying true to the cool-casual and approachable style that is the business casual man, while still looking professional enough to be taken seriously by potential clients.

“Suited Style”
The more traditional look of the average working man is the suited style. This is the look that has been around for ages and is not going anywhere any time soon. It’s classic, chic and business work appropriate. Sometimes suits can be a bit bland though, so we suggest adding a touch of color or print with your tie, such as stripes brings the plain old suited look to life a bit more.

“The Easy-Going Look”
For those that work in extremely relaxed environments where the dress code is anything but pajamas and sweats, comes the easy-going work look. This look is something as simple as wearing a collared shirt with a nice pair of jeans or slacks.

“Somewhere In Between”
Since there are no rules when it comes to fashion (apart from the literal rules your company provides to you), the somewhere in between or combination of all the looks is something that is common. Depending on how we feel and what we can expect at work, plays a part in what we decide to wear for the day. Sometimes we feel like dressing it up, and sometimes we feel like doing the absolute minimum we can get away with. For days like this, a pair of slacks with a dress shirt with a bow tie for a stylish touch or the addition of suspenders helps you look chic and trendy without looking like you tried too hard.

Again, these looks are meant to be experimented with and challenged. They are meant to bring out the inner stylish man within you and help you to feel confident in the job you are doing. Fashion and work can be fun and creative. It’s all about expressing yourself and wearing what makes you comfortable.