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Classic Suit and Tie Color Combos That Work, For Work

The art of dressing for a work environment is something that takes thought, practice and sometimes creativity.

Some of us are lucky that we have the opportunity to work in a laid back and casual working environment where our own personal style is embraced and encouraged. And although this type of working environment is increasing and becoming more popular, the majority of us still work in a professional business setting that requires business and at most (sometimes) business casual attire.

But, just because it is expected that at your law firm, board meeting, accounting firm, financial corporation, etc. that the attire is professional, doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be mediocre or boring. There is still a way to throw in your individual style, feel confident in what you are wearing and follow the dress code without dreading looking in your closet.

All it takes, is some staple pieces that every business and working man usually has in his closet, some creativity and individuality. One thing that will help spark some inspiration, suit and tie color combinations that will always be in fashion, appropriate and versatile enough to style.

Grey & Navy
Grey and Navy are both staples when it comes to suit and ties. They work well with almost all of the typical “business appropriate” colors (i.e: black, tan, etc.) being completely interchangeable. Whether it’s a grey suit with a navy tie, or vice versa. Whether it’s dark grey, light grey or even somewhere in the middle grey- paired with a crisp white button-up, a navy tie and some brown dress shoes and you will easily become the best dressed man in the office.

Navy & Blue 
When it comes to a navy suit, whether it’s navy with navy, or a navy suit with a different shade of blue tie, different shades of blue usually work well together. They give a balanced, bright and professional look while not being the typical black suit with a black tie. Navy and blue is a great alternative to a trendy and stylish color combo approach!

Grey & Black 
A complete classically chic and sophisticated look is the (again interchangeable) grey and black color combo. There’s something about wearing a grey suit with a black necktie that just kind of makes everyone give a second glance. The same goes for a black suit and grey tie. This combo is slick, smooth and lets people know that you mean business.

Black & Pattern
As they say, you cannot go wrong with tradition! The original classic colored suit, will always and forever be black. It’s such a good canvas to accessorize, style and make completely your own. Nowadays, people like to add a little pop of color to their work ensembles, which is why a black suit with a patterned tie is a go-to color combo for every professional man. A popular pattern that will almost never steer you wrong, a color (of personal preference) striped necktie. This allows for a professional and clean look, while still showing some color and originality.