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Neckwear Alternatives for the Style Risk Taker

Neckwear. What we use to accessorize our formal wear, costumes, or just every day working or casual outfits. Adding neckwear to our outfits can be for specified reasons, or just simply because we enjoy the look.

When it comes to style, everyone has his or her own take on it. It’s about wearing what we like, what we are drawn to and what we feel comfortable in. Some like to take more risks than others – to which we say, rock on!

As we mentioned, neckwear is something that is pretty common to the average person. It’s most popular forms come in the likes of either neckties or bow ties. Both options are created in with pre-tied or self-tied styles and come in countless colors, fabrics and patterns.

But, for those that like to take a walk on the fashionable wild side, or for those that just want to switch things up, we offer you a few neckwear alternatives that you might know of, be familiar with or are even hearing about for the first time!

Ascots: Ascot ties are another neckwear option for formal attire. Also known as a “hanker-tie,” an ascot is a wider fabric that wraps around the neck and has pointed wings. It is usually secured with a tie clip and primarily made of silk. When we see ascots at formal occasions, they are typically folded over around the neck. Although the world of fashion is consistently changing, ascots were primarily worn for daytime formal events or weddings and are a descendent from our next alternative neckwear option (Cravat). We’ll get to that soon enough, but there are few other things you should know if you’re considering wearing an ascot – one being the color options for ascots. Although they do contain patterns, it is highly unlikely that you will find someone wearing an ascot that isn’t in “event appropriate” tones, such as: greys, blacks, silvers, whites and ivory tones.

Cravats: Which came first, the cravats or the modern necktie? That’s a rhetorical question because obviously it’s the cravat! Cravats do resemble what we know and wear today as the necktie, but are a lot wider. Kind of like an neck cloth rather than a necktie. Military men for a number of different reasons wore them in the sixteenth century, but today cravats are not as common in choices of accessories. However, they are still an option! Whether you want to sport one with your formal tuxedo to a gala or ball, or you just feel like feeling a little extra sophisticated, the choice of colorful and soft satin cravats is an alternative taking us into a historic moment.

Novelty: So, the idea of the novelty tie isn’t completely unheard of. But, in the grand scheme of dress – they’re not usually the first option. But, this isn’t just about formal dress situations or occasions this is about everyday dress! So, we say if you want to sport a Peach tie with Sailboats on it or a bunch of baseballs with signatures on them then that is your stylistic right! All jokes aside, novelty ties are just that – a novelty. They’re something that should be celebrated, worn and recognized for more than just that one uncle that wears them to every holiday dinner.