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Popular Wedding Colors

There are so many different types of weddings these days. There are different locations, venues, visions, etc. But, one thing that is a common denominator in almost all weddings is that there is either some sort of theme or color scheme.

A lot of things go into the decision process of narrowing down specific wedding colors. The location of the wedding, the time of year, the couple themselves and their personalities, the venue, the bridal party, etc. All of these things (including personal preference) are taken into consideration when selecting the perfect color scheme for a wedding.

Hints of the selected colors can be seen throughout the entire wedding process. From the invitations, bridesmaid’s dresses, table placements, floral arrangements, the wedding cake, groomsmen accessories and so much more. These colors are what sets the tone for the wedding and what speaks to people. What guests will remember or associate with that specific event.

We know what you’re thinking by reading the title of this blog again, there are literally SO many different colors (let alone shades of colors) that exist, how can there be enough colors that they are considered to be “popular” wedding colors. Well, you’re right. And we didn’t scientifically narrow this selection down; but, the colors we have selected seem to show their forms more and more in all different types of weddings. The great thing about these colors, is that they do have so many different shades that people are able to play with them and combine them with other colors to make things pop, and be everything they ever hoped for.

These four colors (in no particular order) are versatile, strong, charming, and generally look good on everyone – so we can’t really blame them for being high on the scale when it comes to color selection.

  1. Pink: The classic, pink. It’s feminine, romantic and charming. There are so many different shades of pink that a subtle touch of it can really spruce up an outfit or room. Being able to choose between a light color, like a blush, or the ability to brighten and darken things for cooler months, like fuchsia is not only possible but always great choices.
  2. Green: Another great color that is also an extremely popular selection for wedding colors is green. Probably due to is variety and vast number of shades that work well with almost any season and theme. Colors such as, mint and sage are both really pretty and frequently seen when it comes to wedding party ensembles.
  3. Blue (Navy): Ah, the timeless color that is blue. But here, we’re specifically talking navy blue. It’s the perfect color for (again) almost all seasons, plays extremely well with other colors and really rounds out the overall appearance of things.
  4. Champagne: Hint or hues of gold are always a nice and fancy touch. Champagne, however brings a sense of elegance to any party. It pairs perfectly with almost all of the colors we mentioned above and so many more. It’s a great show-stopper and gives that hint of sparkle to just about any event.

Of course, there are a million more colors and combinations that are out there. And whether some of these colors and shades are combined together or with other colors, the result is always exactly as we imagine… beautiful.