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Hollywood's Leading Ladies Love Neckties

Red Carpet Events, movie premiers, award shows, the list of Hollywood’s appearances is endless. With there being different levels, genres, and attire within each category that was just listed, it’s a bit of an unpredictable guess as to what some of our favorite stars will be wearing.

The women of Hollywood seem to have stylists that eat, sleep and breath fashion because when they show up, they look nothing short of fashionable, chic and sophisticated. From their hair to make-up and the way the outfit is accessorized, it’s easy to see that each outfit is carefully planned and geared towards the event they are attending.

When it comes to accessories, it should be no surprise that jewelry and shoes are always spot on and flawless for these Hollywood starlets. But, there’s something else we have been seeing more frequently in the accessories department and we can’t help but want to re-create every look at includes them. The accessory we speak of? Neckties, of course. More and more leading ladies are appearing on talk shows, red carpets and appearances sporting a necktie or bow tie giving their look a trendy and classic look.

So, we decided to break down a few of our favorite Hollywood women that are constantly impressing us, not only with their talents, but their fashion sense as well!

Jessica Alba
We all know Jessica Alba, and chances are that you love her too. With her charming personality and easy-going nature, she’s kind of hard not to know. In this picture, Jessica is attending an event wearing an all-white ensemble and looks completely flawless. From her make-up to her straightened hair, the whole outfit exudes sophistication. Accessorizing with hints of red, but most importantly, her white necktie that seems to add a little edge and flare to the outfit with some layers. Who knew that white neckties could look this good.

Janelle Monáe
Janelle is known for taking risks when it comes to her fashion choices. She is one of those people that truly expresses herself through what she wears; and if you ask us, that is pretty commendable. It’s not uncommon to see Janelle sporting a women’s tuxedo or a pair of suspenders when she is performing or attending an event. Which means, it’s also not uncommon to see her wearing a classic black bow tie. Whenever she does sport a bow tie, it really helps to not only complete the outfit, but showcases her confidence which is something so many young women look up to.

Julia Roberts 
One of Hollywood’s most iconic, sweet and talented actresses is none other than the Julia Roberts. From her movies to her lighthearted and warm personality that makes you just want to give her a hug, Julia is all things timeless. Her fashion sense, goes hand-in-hand. Julia always looks flawless, sophisticated and stunning. She is someone we not only want to be friends with, but someone we look up to and respect in both her style choices and career.

Diane Keaton
The classic and charming Diane Keaton has taught us so much through her acting over the years. Any time Diane makes an appearance, she is almost always rocking some sort of women’s tuxedo or pantsuit. Being a fan of black and white in her wardrobe, Diane tends to stick to the classics and staples, which never fail her. This outfit is the perfect example. From her pinstriped suit to her matching striped necktie and polka dot pocket square, this outfit is so classically Diane and that’s why we love it so much.

These women are just a few that consistently impress us with their accessorizing and outfit selections. They inspire us to take chances and be bold unapologetically with what we choose to wear. And that adding a necktie into our wardrobe, will only help our style cred.