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Style Tips: How to Wear Your Necktie Perfectly

There are really only a lot of necktie shapes, patterns, and colors to choose from. Knowing how to choose the right tie and properly match it to y our outfit is truly an art. Here are a few great style tips that will help you to wear your next time perfectly.

Many style experts believe that it is important to own a decent set of neckties. This way you will have a tie for every occasion, without having to wear the same one every time. But just as important as having the right tie, is knowing how to wear it correctly. There are certain unspoken rules when it comes to wearing a necktie, and it can really make a big difference in your overall experience.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Length
When you choose a specific type, make sure that you keep filling just right. The tip of the tie should come right to the top of your belt buckle. It should not hang over your pants, nor should it be too short. If your tie is too long, use the Windsor knot; it uses more of the fabric and will help to shorten your tie. If your diet is too short, use the four-in-hand knot, as it uses less fabric. If you are very long, remember to purchase a longer length tie to effectively accommodate your height.

Tip #2: Pick the Right Knot for Your Collar
The right knot in your tie will make a world of difference. Start by making sure that the knot has the right amount of tension, otherwise, you will constantly pull or refit it every time you move around. Don't overdo it as you may risk stretching the fabric.

The knot of the tie should be directly above the top button of your shirt. This button should not be visible, and this is usually the case when your tie is to lose. Make sure that you have the right knot in the right location to look your absolute best. Also keep in mind that the narrow part of the tie should not be visible, and it should especially not be longer than the blade, or the wide part, of the tie.

Tip #3: Get the Size of the Knot Just Right
When you choose is not for your time, consider the type of car you have on your shirt. If you want to wear your tie properly, the knot should always fill the space that is left by the collar. The wider the collar, the wider the knot should be. Similarly, narrow collars will need smaller knots.

A narrow know will look best with a straight-point collar shirt. Men that are shorter and muscular should go for a wider knot to be more proportionate to their width. This is a great style tip that is often overlooked since men generally think that any length tie will work.

Tip #4: Choosing the Right Width
Make sure that you tie has the proper width. As an average guideline, go for a tie that is around 3 to 3.75 inches wide. You can hold it to a dollar bill, and if the tie is close to Washington's nose, it's a safe bet. If it extends past the portrait frame, rather give it a pass.

Skinny ties are best left for tailored suits that are slender and have a close-to-body cut. These suits go well with thinner ties and you can finish the look with a tie bar. The width of your tie will make a huge difference to your overall look, and it’s no longer a matter of any size tie will do the trick. Consider the width of the tie and follow the advice of expert stylists – it matters.

Tip #5: Casual Ties and Button Down Collars
Button down collars are best matched with casual ties. It’s not set in stone, but it’s a generally accepted rule that button down collars is ideal for more informal settings. Keeping this in mind, formal ties should preferably not be paired with button-down collars. If you do use a shirt with this collar, choose a casual tie to make the best out of your outfit. 

Tip #6: Use Patterns Wisely
Neckties come in a wide variety of patterns, and this gives you a lot of options. To be sure to first consider your shirt when you choose the color or the pattern of the tie you want to wear. A white shirt and a dark suit will always accentuate a brightly colored tie. Make sure that the patterns on your shirt and those on the tie complement one another. Another great combination is wearing a patterned tie with a white or light colored pastel shirt.

Tip #7: Keep It Simple
If you are new to dressing formally or wearing a tie, keep it simple. Get used to wearing a tie and all the different knot options, before you worry about styling, colors, widths, and so on. There are so many different combinations that it will be hard to remember everything the first time round. When you are comfortable with this and you know what works for you, you can start playing around with different materials, shapes, and sizes.

There are so many options available when it comes to wearing a tie, and it’s a very functional item to your formal outfit. Ties are perfect for various events, providing that you know how to wear them just right. When you are shopping for neckties, be sure to consider your options. Choose the right fabric, style, length and design to perfectly complement your entire outfit.