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How To Perfectly Match Your Tie With Your Outfit

When it comes to dressing up for a special event, women traditionally has more style choices to make than men, who can simply wear the same suit again. But when it comes to accessories, it's important to add just the right finishing touch – a tie.

Wearing the wrong time with their outfit is one of the biggest style mistakes a man can make. Often they simply the road on any side that looks like a matching color, this does not always work. Whether you prefer a traditional tie or a necktie, in order to successfully match your neckwear with your suit, you have to have the right tie in your wardrobe. 

Remember, you should match your tie to your outfit and not your outfit to your tie.

One of the most important thing to remember that you should never buy a time just because it looks great. Just like a jacket or thousands, you have to buy the tiny that have the right proportions for your body, with style and pattern that works well with your outfit. You want your tie to be an accessory that perfectly matches your clothing and not an accessory that simply looks good on its own.

Coordinating your entire outfit – including a tie – is not that difficult. It requires a basic understanding of different styles, and how patterns and proportions can be used to complement your wardrobe. You can start by matching suits and shirts together, and then arrange various neckties that can enhance your modern look. Once you do this a few times, you will find that you will often choose a necktie as it makes you look better and more stylish.

Keeping It in Proportion
When we talk about a necktie’s proportion, we refer to the length and width of the necktie, with regards to your body type and your clothing. If you have a large build and wear a suit with a white front, you will look best if you balance this out with the wider tie, especially one that can reach your belt buckle. If you have a small bald, will have the opposite problem and you look for a smaller necktie that has shorter length and width. You can buy neckties like these easily online.

If you have an average build, getting everything into proportion can sometimes be a bit challenging. This is even truer when you buy an outfit from a high-end fashion brand. Men that are average built should try to stick to ties that are between 3 and 3 1/2 inches wide. Anything wider or thinner should only be used by men whose build justifies it.

Quick tip: if you are shopping for a tie and you need a way to measure the width quickly, use a dollar bill. If the necktie’s width passes Washington’s portrait frame, you may need to consider passing on that one.

Choosing a Color
Needless to say, you should never choose a necktie simply because the color looks good. It has to suit your specific clothing choice, as well as your overall look. Remember that the color of your time portrait specific message and it will also determine whether the color combination works with your complexion.

If you want to go with a sophisticated look, stick to semi-solid blue and green colors that are likely patterned. In contrast, bold colors like red will work well with a light colored shirt if you want to draw attention to yourself. A red tie is also referred to as the ‘power tie’ as this works well for presenters as it helps to keep the audience focused on his face.

When it comes to choosing a tiny that will work with your specific features, focus on your natural contrasts. If you have light here and feel skin, stick to softer colors like pastels and monochromatic combinations. If you have dark here and light skin, you can stick to color combinations that have clearly defined lines. If you have dark hair and dark color scheme, you can go with either high or low contrast tie and suit combination, as both will work well.

As for choosing a tie with different colors, they can either work well together, or they won't. It's important to choose a tie with colors that complemented each other, which is why this important to make sure that you buy the right tie from the start. This is especially important if you attend a lot of formal events and have to look your best.

Getting the Pattern Right
Choosing a necktie with the right pattern is undoubtedly one of the most difficult things for men to do. Neckties with strong patterns are not as popular as those with a solid or semi-solid color. However, when worn correctly, they can have a great effect on your outfit. But the first rule of thumb is to ensure that the tie’s colors do not clash with each other. Also keep in mind that the accent on the tie should not conflict with any patterns on your outfit. If you have a pin-striped shirt, avoid a tie with stripes.

If you are not sure how to choose a tie with a pattern, keep it simple and stick to a suit and tie without any. If this is not possible, start by choosing a tie that uses small repeating patterns, like fine lines or dots.

Choosing Your Shirt
The easiest shirts to work with are the solid ones. White shirts are a neutral color and they will match anything. You can also go with a light blue shirt as not many colors will clash with this. Pastel colored shirts are also easy to work with. When used to striped shirts, remember that it should not clash with any other striped clothing item or accessory.

Always remember that trying to mix patterns and colors can be difficult. Although these are a few solid guideline is to follow, there are not set in stone and you can try out your own combinations if you feel that they work well with your outfit. You will sometimes find that a shirt and tie just go so well together, even though they break all the traditional style rules.