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Why Every Man Should Be Wearing a Necktie

A suit is certainly one timeless look that demands respect, but let’s break it down a little further. The tie is pretty much the one variable that really pulls the entire suit together and fetches boatloads of respect from friends, foes, and strangers. Let’s look at the 5 reasons why a tie is so important.

The tie was actually invented by the Croatian army, which makes our adoption of the tie into an everyday dress item, and is now unfortunately one rarely worn outside of meetings. But this is not a history lesson of the tie (that to come, patience young squires).

If there’s one thing that demands respect on any front, it’s having the confidence to wear your ensemble with pride and let everyone know you are certain in your abilities. Though when this beacon of self-worth is paired with a stylish neck tie, it really gets elevated to that next level. People can be very perceptive. If you wear a tie with absolute confidence, it will translate through and upon first moment’s glance, respect will be established.

You may have heard it said that you should “dress for the job you want”, and of course your boss won’t be able to help but notice that you’re dressing nicely even if your job doesn't necessarily require it. Respect in your professional life can affect the way you see yourself, and when you’re tying and straightening your tie as you get ready for work - or a date! - you may be surprised at the amount of poise just seeing yourself in a tie can lend to your overall demeanor.

Someone wearing a tie generally has a level of professionalism that must be sustained to remain the successful individual they are. In this case, the tie may or may not be in direct connection with their work day. When people see a man wearing a tie, the tendency is to assume they are looking at a professional – whether young or mature.

Nothing says sharp dressed like a carefully selected neck tie, such as a fitting red neck tie. People that dress well are often catered to more by the assumption they’re deserving. It’s not that you’re being judged or shunned, but it’s also not like ripped up jeans and a faded t-shirt really say, “I’m a person of significant importance.”

You’ll find that all the benefits of wearing a tie we’ve discussed here - looking good, feeling good, and showing the world that you aren’t afraid to be bold - will combine to boost your self-confidence, and confidence is a very good thing!

Wearing a tie shows that you know your history. Neckties became common in Europe in the 17th century, and have been a staple of men’s fashion ever since. By the 1920s, the bow tie and necktie as we know them were a commonplace in the US, and the familiar triangular Windsor knot was widely used for neckties by the 1940s.

This history makes wearing a tie a great way to embrace the timelessness of any great era in men’s fashion: for example, a wider tie in an Art Deco design can recall the 1930s or the 1960s, just as a skinny or narrow tie can recall the classic looks of the 1950s.

A lot of men these days have stopped wearing ties, and even the business and corporate worlds are seeing a lot emptier collars. World leaders have even raised eyebrows by forgoing the traditional suit and tie for a more casual, unbuttoned look at international conferences and meetings.

Here are a few great benefits of neck ties:

  • Ties Frames the Face. The tie is like an arrow to the face, drawing attention upwards for improved communication.
  • Ties are Slimming.  The tie brings attention into the middle for a slimming effect.
  • Ties are a Focal Point.  Each outfit needs a focal point, somewhere for the eye to rest. Particularly when in a color, the tie becomes a focal point.
  • Ties are Perceived as Professional.  With case studies that have been conducted, we have found that men perceive the tie as most business-like.

By choosing to wear a tie or bow tie in a setting where it would have been acceptable not to wear one, you’re showing the world that how you look matters to you - and that you’re not interested in “acceptable,” but in “exceptional”.

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