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Necktie Or Bow Tie

Accessories come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in all colors, patterns and materials. With as true as the statement is that there is an accessory for every event and every ensemble, there are some standard rules (especially when it comes to formal wear dress code) that are important to know. 

One of those rules? When is it appropriate to wear a necktie vs. a bow tie?

Well, the answer is a lot more simple than you would think. So, stop overthinking and let us help break it down for you. There are two things to keep in mind that will help you whenever decided on an outfit for an event. If the event is formal, always go with a bow tie; if it is casual, the choice is yours! Yes, it's really that simple. 

Here are some examples to use as a guide for all future events: 

Wearing a pleated shirt?                                                                  Bow Tie
Black Tie Wedding?                                                                         Bow Tie
Gala or Formal Event (requires a tuxedo)?                                       Bow Tie
Black Tie Optional?                                                          Bow Tie or Necktie
Casual Wedding?                                                             Bow Tie or Necktie
Casual Dress?                                                                  Bow Tie or Necktie
Wearing a suit?                                                                 Bow Tie or Necktie
Office Party?                                                                     Bow Tie or Necktie

See? No reason to over think it! The battle of necktie vs. bow tie is actually quite simple. A lot of it just boils down to what makes you comfortable, what the dress code requires and what compliments the overall ensemble. One thing is for sure, whether you're wearing a bow tie or a necktie don't forget a coordinating pocket square