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Having Fun With Neckties: Featuring Neil Patrick Harris

Apart from playing one of the most...wait for it…legendary characters known as Barney Stinson; Doogie Howser, we mean Neil Patrick Harris, is truly one of Hollywood men’s best dressed.

Always looking polished, classic and handsome, Neil (or as some like to say, NPH) has always been one to look out for at any event or award show. Of course, he is charming, funny and entertaining, which is why he has hosted multiple shows in the past, but he is also just full of style. Regardless of the suit or tuxedo Neil puts on, everything from the fit to the accessories is top notch and stylish.

When it comes to wearing said suits or tuxedos, one can feel a bit redundant at times. But, not NPH. Neil understands that accessorizing is key, furthermore, neckties are key. He understands that the style, pattern, color and fabric of a necktie can completely change the look of an outfit within seconds! He understands how to have fun and play with his style and fashion choices, which is what makes the look all the better.

Some of the looks that we have chosen below, prove dressing nicely doesn’t always have to be so serious!

Whether Neil spruced up a Striped Satin Necktie by simply adding the sophisticated touch of a tie bar, or he wore a perfectly slim fit and tailored black suit that he decided to spruce up with a leather snakeskin printed black tie; you can always expect something more than just a solid colored necktie from Neil.

Neil is the king of having fun with accessories, which just gives us even more inspiration for the next time we’re in need of a tie. We were thinking this pretty Silver Tapestry Necktie, or maybe even a floral printed tie. What type of tie would you select to channel your inner Neil Patrick Harris? Yeah, we kind of want all of them too!