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Groomsman 101: Tips for a Foolproof Wedding Crew

So, your best friend is getting married. He’s jumping ship and leaving single life behind and he’s chosen you to share his special day with. Between endless parties, outfits, gifts, family, friends, etc. Your head is spinning with all things wedding. Relax, it’s all good. We’ve got five foolproof tips that will make any groomsman a perfect and dashing addition to any wedding crew. So, straighten up that silk bow tie, and get ready to rock the dance floor.

1. It’s okay that not all groomsmen match
More and more we are seeing not only bridesmaids, but groomsmen sticking to a general color scheme the bride and groom suggests, but in something that is comfortable and respective of each individual. This is something that is great because it gives a certain flair to the whole crew, but also shows a range of how specific colors can be styled. 

2. If all of the crew does wear the same exact outfit, label neckties and suit jackets!
This is essential because weddings are an all-day thing. Between the ceremony and pictures getting on and off transportation, and with alcohol added to the mix it’s so easy for everyone in the crew to mix up their suit jackets and their respective neckties. Organization and coordination are everything!

3. Speaking of coordination being everything…
If you’re best man, helping your groom by assigning specific jobs or tasks to each individual groomsman offers assistance to a smooth operating day. Crew, speak up if noticing your groom is in distress. Offer your help, or take the task designated to you and conquer it like the man you are.

4. Prep your groom an “emergency” kit…
Trust us on this one. You never know when you might need something. Prepping a “groom survival kit” handy and ready to go with extra: pocket squares, cuff links, neck or bow ties, deodorant, stain remover, mints, hair spray, flask, etc. for your leading man in case something unplanned occurs. It is also not a bad idea for the groomsmen to also have some available “survival kits” and backups! Better safe than sorry, we say. 

5. Most importantly…. Wear your title proud and suit up! 
This is your best guys biggest day. You have now attended all the pre-wedding events and you have finally made it to the big day. You’re incredibly lucky that he asked you to be a part of his big day as someone he respects and trusts. So, remember an amazing groomsman is supportive, tidy, well-groomed, fresh from head to toe, completely prepared, and most importantly, able to have fun.