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A Brief History of the Bow Tie

The bow tie is a very stylish accessory for a tuxedo outfit and it’s something that never goes out of style. Let’s take a closer look at the history of the bow tie and why it remains popular today.

Bow ties first appeared on the scene at the beginning of the 19th century. At around 1880, bow ties have become popular and something that every man had in his wardrobe. Since then there were many changes to the bow tie as it was known then, and it has been customized for a variety of looks, including celebrity fashion, the runway, and even street fashion.

The whole idea of adorning the neck with fabric originated in the 17th century believed to have been first documented by French soldiers who used a piece of cloth to keep their shirt collars together. This look was soon brought back home and began to catch on quickly. By the 1700s, neckties were widely adopted by the upper class, making them an essential item in every man’s wardrobe.

During the last few decades, high-profile designers have redefined the modern bow tie. The bow tie now accompanies a lot of different looks – from the stylish looks of Frank Sinatra to the nerdy look of the Science Guy, to the quirky looks of comedians like Charlie Chaplin – bow ties have definitely come a long way. They complement a wide variety of outfits and fit perfectly with a tuxedo.

Today, the high-profile elite, along with celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Drew Barrymore, and Johnny Depp, are regularly seen sporting the bow tie look with their outfits. They, and others have perfected their own style and bow ties are worn with numerous outfits on a daily basis.

Women’s Wear
Being a man’s fashion accessory, the bow tie officially crossed gender lines in the 1920s when movie stars like Marlene Dietrich picked up the style. They paved the way forward for women wearing traditional ‘male’ attire, which includes tailored shirts, trousers, and of course the bow tie.

Many suppliers offer bow ties made from low-quality materials, and ties that lack that real character that they usually add to your image. But professional designers realize that the look and feel are incredibly important when it comes to a bow tie. There are a variety of bow tie styles available and they are starting to become a favorite among women’s tuxedos.

Bow Tie Options
Bow ties come in different options, such as self-tie bow ties, or pre-tied bow ties. As the name suggests, a pre-tied bow tie is a tie that is already made up and can simply be clipped on to your shirt. this is a very easy solution and popular too. A self-tie bow tie refers to a bow tie that you have to tie yourself. It’s a bit more difficult but still preferred by many, as it provides you with the ability to add a personal touch to your look, and enjoy the traditional bow tie image.

There are also different sizing options when it comes to buying bowties. There are adjustable neck sizes available, and they usually start small and is around 13 inches, all the way up to around 23 inches. Most men will find that a bow tie of around 15 to 17 inches is sufficient. You can choose the option that works best for you, allowing for a little wiggle room.

The bow tie is also often referred to as a dickie bow, simply to suggest that it is worn around your neck with a shirt. Technically, the bow tie can be worn with almost anything. When you refer to a dickie bow, people know that you are talking about the bow tie that goes around your neck, usually along with this suit or a tuxedo.

Bow ties are often the best choice when you are invited to a black-tie event. Although you can also wear a traditional necktie, you will notice that most men and woman will have the bow tie with the tuxedo. It simply gives off a more polished look, and it is the traditional way of looking very stylish.. Normal neckties go well with suits, and they may often be worn with tuxedos, although bow ties are preferred.

Tips for Wearing a Bow Tie
One of the best tips that you could be given for a bow tie, is to tie your own bowtie. If you take your style seriously, you will know why this is the best option. Some of your elite guests will immediately notice that you have tied your own bow tie, and that will automatically put you in a league of your own.

Remember that it's not necessary to strive for the absolute perfect bowtie. A knot does not have to be perfect. It shows you have done it yourself, and is something that people always value.

You should know when to wear a bow tie. As already discussed, the tuxedo outfit will always be the best example for when you need to wear bowties, but there are other outfits that require bowties as well. If you are invited to the wedding, you can wear bow ties that perfectly complement your outfit, all according to the color of the theme. Religious services are another example of the situation. Wearing a bowtie is ideal. And don't forget office - bowties are always formal and always a great opportunity for you to wear a stylish outfit with a bow tie. It shows professionalism style.