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3 Fall Wedding Looks Guaranteed to 'Wow'

Fall may be a popular time for apple and pumpkin picking, leaves changing colors, drinking all the yummy fall drinks, and watching all the scary movies. But, fall is also a really wonderful and popular time for weddings! 

Fall weddings are special because of the changing season, but also because there is so much to do with fall colors when it comes to style. Fall wedding style is one of our favorites - and not just because of the nice color tones. But, because of the increasingly popular outdoor rustic wedding theme that is taking a major lead when it comes to wedding vibes. 

That's why, we decided to showcase three stylish, and fall inspired wedding looks that can can work for both semi-formal and more casual wedding dress codes! 

1. The Grey Look
Grey is a color that when it comes to suits and tuxedos is definitely making more of an appearance than you might be used to seeing in the past. The grey look is classic, stylish and sophisticated. In this photo, a black polka dot bow tie was the accessory of choice, and we think it gives just that extra splash of individual style. Keeping things simple with a pop of color or print is a big way to make a lasting impression. (Suggested: Black Knit Polka Dot Skinny Tie)

2. Chic Neutrals
Neutrals are great not even just for fall, but year round! They're classic and can be styled and accessorized in so many different ways. This outfit is keeping things classic by pairing a khaki blazer with a striped dress shirt, solid black skinny necktie, a tie bar and some fun socks! This is one of our favorite looks because it is perfect for a more casual and outdoorsy type wedding, but also great for other special events! (Suggested: Black Skinny Tie & Tie Bar)

3. Navy, Baby
When it comes to suited looks, navy is always going to be at the top of the list - and for good reason. A classic navy suit is something that every man should have in his wardrobe. It's versatile, stylish and timeless. Wearing navy is another great option year round and can be made in to multiple different looks just by switching up your accessory colors! So, no wonder this look popped up on our list, right? 
(Suggestion: Blue Necktie or Pink Bow Tie)